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IOE Toppers 2073

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PEA was established in 1994 with a well trained professional staff from IOE, Pulchowk and other prestigious colleges and universities of Nepal and India. It was initiated By Laxman Pokharel a graduate of Pulchowk Campus. It started with a mere small building in Kupondole and has grown to a rather large establishment employing around 85 teachers and 38 office staff having its own academic building at Thapathali.   It has served thousands of entrance aspirants most of which have secured admission in prestigious engineering colleges in Nepal and abroad. At present it has a highly trained teaching staff who have years of experience in teaching. We are continually upgrading our teaching methods and materials to meet present day competitive edge requirements.

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CEo Message

Before I begin, I would like to thank all +2/Dip. engineering or equivalent graduates for your interest in choosing PEA for your entrance exam preparation course. This could be the most important decision you have made in your lifetime and you have chosen wisely.   The institute was established in 1994 AD (2051 BS) and has completed 22 years of tutorial classes and has churned o Er. Laxman Pokharel

Chairman Message

Dear Students/ Guardians, I feel very exultant to apprise you all the PEA Association has been set up with a view to imparting quality education and congruous guidelines to the engineering aspirants who are going to pursue a career in the realm of engineering.   Here, I would like to assure that the educational environment at our institution has been so far and will be in the day Prof. Dr. S. K. Mishra
PEA Students : IOE Entrance Topper
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